President Bob Grady welcomed all members and guests to the club at this holiday gathering at a beautifully decked out Viscount Hotel and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. M Craig beautifully sang “Let There Be Peace On Earth” for our invocation.


Before we began digging into our meal (or desserts as it were), Bob announced triumphantly that Catalina Rotary Club has completed making the final $8500 installment to the Boys and Girls Clubs’ Catalina Rotary Club Scholarship Fund. Also, Treasurer Andy Kerr dropped off the balance of funds to complete the $50,000 donation to the new Creative Arts Center at the Frank and Edith Morton Clubhouse (next to Doolen Middle School). Bob reminded us that we DO have a meeting next Friday. Bob confirmed that we have full coverage for Saturday’s bell ringing for the Salvation Army at the Walmart at Kolb and Speedway.

While we could hear the instruments tuning up out in the hallway and the anticipation mounted, lunch was served: Chicken Boursin, mashed taters with gravy, and asparagus. Dessert was a spectacular medley of sweet treats at the buffet. We were joined at each of our tables by several talented musicians who we were looking forward to hearing perform.


Bob announced today’s cornucopia of visitors. These included Connie Grady, Jackie Presson, Steve Craig, Elise Jumbelick (who has been on leave) and her baby boy AJ, Keith McElroy, Pam Kerr, Anita McDonald’s friend Shirley Livingston, multi-generational Team Mindes: Terry, Rhoda, Michael and Abigail, Lisa Ann Kester, as well as former club members Randy and Carol Long. Bob gave a shout out to Steve Pender who has had his nose glued to the grindstone lately keeping the economy afloat. Great to see his mug again.

Queen of Hearts

Bob DeLaney, donning the Q of H apron with great pride and stylishness, asked Elise to pick today’s winning raffle ticket and Shirley Livingston raised her hand. Shirley picked the Ten of Diamonds which did nothing to increase her net worth. It did increase the pot to $997 simoleans and we are now down to 38 cards in the deck of ever increasing probabilities. Tony, Anita or Paul can calculate the odds for you.

Sergeant at Arms

In lieu of sergeant time, Bob led us in an abbreviated happy bucks session.


Maria-Elena introduced our program today by giving us all a thumbnail history of the Agilitas and the history of Mariachi in Tucson schools. She also spoke with pride of how the musicians have continued their musical careers after elementary school. The Davis Elementary School Agilitas then took the stage and started us out with a stirring rendition of Guadalajara. It reminded me of the time I saw the Rolling Stones in person in a slightly larger venue and they launched into Brown Sugar and blew away the crowd from the start. The Agilitas played several more numbers and finished with Here Comes Santa Claus and El Cascabel. You’ve gotta love an ensemble that has two harp players each of whom had their own little solo/aria.

We particularly enjoyed getting to know the students at our tables. President Bob made a gift to each of them of our renowned dictionaries that we typically give to 3rd graders. Bob closed the meeting by thanking everyone for coming, acknowledging today’s meeting volunteers, and complementing our guest musicians, their families and leaders. He finished with a quote about the holidays from the Grinch.
“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”? Food for thought.