Membership at the Catalina Tucson Rotary Club begins with a proposal by a Rotarian in good standing. The Membership committee reviews the proposal, confirms the classification and sends the prospect’s name to the Board of Directors for consideration. With Board approval the candidate and sponsor are invited to a Rotary Information meeting.

Rotary Information speaks specifically to how the Catalina Club functions (including the service projects, committees and dues structure) and offers the candidate an application.

Once the application is submitted, the secretary publishes the candidate to the membership. After five days the club president and sponsor plan an induction convenient for the inductee.

Induction is an honored club event and it is suggested the inductee invites (wife, husband etc.) to be guest of the club for induction lunch and assist with the ceremony.

During the first year of membership every new Rotarian is encouraged to engage in the STAR (special training about Rotary) program. STARS meet for breakfast once a month for fellowship and discussion about the world of Rotary. STAR advisor works closely with new members.

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