Here are some of the ways we’re serving our community and the world.

Rotary Global Grant Sonora

Rotary Global Grant – Healthcare for Indigenous People

The Catalina Rotary Club spearheads a Global Grant to bring vitally-needed healthcare to the remote Guarijio-Makurawe people of Sonora, Mexico.

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Creative Arts Center

Arts Education for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson

In the spring of 2019, the Catalina Rotary Club’s president, Bob Grady, challenged members to come up with a project that would benefit Tucson youth; an effort he called the Big Idea.

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Racial Justice Initiative

May 2020: In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the Catalina Rotary Club decided it must do what it could to help address root causes of racial injustice in our community.

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TeleFriend Screen

TeleFriend Project

Catalina Rotarians help Integrative Touch for Kids bring much need companionship to isolated and health-challenged kids during the pandemic.

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Community Grants

The Catalina Rotary Club continuously raises funds to meet local community needs in several focus areas: Youth, Healthcare, Disease Prevention and Social Justice.

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