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Reading the economic tea leaves – February 14, 2020

President Bob Grady opened the meeting with a rousing clang of the Catalina Rotary Club bell on or about 1:10 pm.We had over 80% attendance today - YIPEE!!The Menu: Chicken Piccata w/steamed broccoli & rice; vegan chili; yummy cookies.IntroductionsPDG Rotarian (D6440) Pam Kerr announced she was newly named Ambassador of RI Health Rays Project in [...]

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A lesson in financial literacy – February 7, 2020

President Bob Grady opened the meeting at 12:10 PM followed by a beautiful singing invocation by the beautiful M. Craig. The Viscount served us spaghetti, veal parmesan, steamed broccoli and tiramisu. Chicken Caesar salad was on hand as the alternate. A veggie meatball zucchini boat sailed onto the vegans’ plates. Introductions After lunch, Bob asked [...]

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