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Tony Spear
Marketing Management

Tony Spear

My Rotary Story
Rotarians are “People of Action.” If you’ve been a Rotarian, you know that’s true. If not, you might be tempted to think it’s just a slogan. So, how about some proof?

Imagine for a moment that you’re 16 again. Imagine not being able to go home again. The reason? As varied as the human condition.

A parent divorces, remarries and you’re no longer welcome in the family.

You have a radically different perspective on your life than your parents – and you’re no longer welcome at home.

The only parent in your family is killed in a fatal traffic accident, and there’s no one else to take you.

Whatever the reason, you’re on your own. Really, imagine that: You are on your own.

Except, that you don’t have to be. That’s the premise behind Youth on Their Own (YOTO). Help, when those kids need it the most. Help that treats them like real human beings. Caring when it’s most important.

That incredible story is what attracted the volunteers and support from Catalina Rotary. Several of our members have stepped up to be a part of that support network. For some, it’s a weekly delivery of food, supplies and stipends to YOTO students. For others, it’s been financial support. It’s another reason that when we call ourselves “People of Action”, we really mean it.

YOTO operates a Student Portal, where kids can order food, school supplies, and personal care items at no charge. Every Wednesday, Tony delivers these supplies to students at up to six schools in the Marana area. Then, once each month, he brings YOTO students stipend checks to help them cover expenses. In 2022, he also delivered caps and gowns to ten students graduating high school. According to Tony, “That was cool!”

Like to find out more about YOTO? Come to a Catalina Rotary meeting. Ask for Tony. He’ll tell you all the stories, and make whatever day you’re having, better!

Best of all, they’re not the only stories we have! Come to a meeting, we’d be happy to share them with you!

For more information: About Youth On Their Own.

Place of Birth/Hometown
Hammond Indiana

How long in Tucson
Since 1986

Daughter – Amanda, Architect in Denver CO
Son – Matt, Engineer in Tucson AZ

Current Position
Business Manager and Guitarist for Wholly Cats Swing Club

Major Career Milestones
Computer Engineer, 1977 – 1989
Business Owner, Printing and Marketing Services 1989-2009
Marketing Director, Consultant, Educator 2009-2017

When joined Catalina Rotary
Member since 1998, Rotarian since 1992

Rotary Milestones
Club president (Tucson Sunset, 1996-1997)
Governor’s Representative, 1997-1998
Assistant Governor, 3x
District Conference Program Chair for PDG Phil Silvers
Catalina Rotary Club Programs Chair, Club Secretary, Public Image Chair

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