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Catalina Rotary Club Member Bio

Pablo Sandoval
Wealth Advisor

Pablo Sandoval

My Rotary Story
“I had a chance to volunteer; even before I joined the club,” says Pablo. “I honestly did not know what Catalina Rotary Tucson was about or what to expect, but I was excited to experience a volunteer event before becoming a Rotarian.

“The event was serving Thanksgiving meals for the community surrounding the Boys and Girls Club. It was very fulfilling to give my time to support young people in need, along with their families, and to become a helper in our community. It wasn’t the same as other volunteer events I’ve done in the past; I was actually becoming part of a club that builds goodwill, creates friendships and gives back to our community. After that event I knew I was starting a journey that wasn’t necessarily for my career, but for me – and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of for my lifetime.”



Full Name
Pablo Samuel Sandoval

Partner Name

Place of Birth/Hometown
Brownsville, Texas

How long in Tucson
23 years

Married to my wife Amanda and we have a 5 year-old son named Ricardo

Current Position/Employer
Financial Advisor, PNC INVESTMENTS

Major Career Milestones
Started as a teller in Wells Fargo 13 years ago with no banking experience, 3 months later I became a banker, 1 year later a licensed private banker and flash forward to today I have completed my tenth year as a financial advisor.

When joined Catalina Rotary/Sponsor
2019/Joan Buth

Rotary Milestones
Public Image Committee 2021-present
Membership Chair 2022-2023
Slated to be President-Elect 2023-2024

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