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Kirk Reed

Kirk Reed

My Rotary Story

I became a Rotarian in 1991 and was charter president of a brand-new club in DeKalb, IL. Later I was president of a club in Mount Prospect, IL, near O’Hare. To my surprise, District Governor Frank Presson invited me to attend the Rotary Zone Institute in Hawaii, where I made the decision to apply for District Governor. Everyone said, “Don’t worry. You won’t be selected right away.” But in 2018 I found myself learning to be gubernatorial here in Southern Arizona. During the 2023-24 Rotary year, I’m Vice-Governor for DG Don Jorgensen, and I’m chairing the Ride to End Polio, which has raised more than $63 million dollars in 14 years.

A happy and fun Rotary Story: last November at the Ride to End Polio dinner, I sang for Rotary CEO John Hewko the Arizona premiere of a new birthday song. The tune (as you might guess) is “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” The non-profound lyrics include these non-memorable words: “You’re not as ancient as you may feel. Have a party and kick up your heels.” I love Rotary so much that if I were physically capable of kicking up my heels, I would do it for the joy of being part of Catalina Rotary.


Full Name

William Kirk Reed


Kirk (except in the Army and on airplanes, where they think I’m William).  My mother was Mary Kirkpatrick, so I got part of her name, and my younger brother is Patrick.


Born in the bayou country of Louisiana, I moved to Georgia at the age of five weeks. Columbus, Georgia, is my true hometown.

After graduating from Davidson College (I’m a huge Steph Curry fan), I served for two years as a US Army lieutenant, then attended the University of Chicago for my first graduate degree. Later I received two additional degrees in the Chicago area. From 1973 to 2011 I served as pastor of five lively and growing United Methodist congregations in Illinois, including the Home Alone church from the Hollywood movie.

Retirement in 2011 brought me to Tucson, where one of my three children was living. Sharyn and Al Chesser took me out for coffee on my third day in Tucson and easily convinced me to visit Catalina Rotary. I decided to join immediately, as soon as the club was ready to take a chance on me.

My three kids and seven grandkids live in Eugene OR, San Diego CA, and Auburn IN. Only one of my children inherited my irrepressible love for the Chicago Cubs. My grandfather (a Rotary charter member), my father (a district governor in GA), and my son (a club president this year in OR) represent 101 consecutive years for the Reed family in Rotary.

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