By-Laws – Revised/Approved January 2018

Article XI

Election of Members

Section 1 – Eligibility

Adult persons residing or working in the locality of the Club or surrounding area, who demonstrate good character, integrity, and leadership; possess good reputation within their business, profession, and/or community; and are willing to serve in their community and/or around the world shall be eligible for Active membership in the Club.

Section 2 – Process

a) The name of an eligible prospective member, proposed by an Active Member of the Club, shall be submitted to the Board in writing, through the Club Secretary. A transferring or former member of another Club may also be proposed to active membership by the former Club. The proposal for the time being shall be kept confidential except as otherwise provided in this procedure.

b) The Club Secretary shall then refer the proposal to the membership committee, which committee shall consider the eligibility of such proposed member.

After making due investigation, the membership committee shall declare the proposal to be either proper or improper and report to the Board the action it has taken.

c) Within 15 days, The Board shall review the action of the membership committee, approve or disapprove the proposal, and notify the proposer, through the Club Secretary, of its decision.

d) If the decision of the Board is favorable, the prospective member shall be informed by the Rotary Information Committee of the purposes of Rotary and of the privileges and responsibilities of membership, following which the prospective member shall be required to sign the Application Form and to permit his or her name and proposed classification to be published to the Club. Publication shall be by electronic means.

e) If no written or emailed objection to the application, stating reasons, is received by the Secretary from any Active Member of the Club within five (5) days following publication of information about the prospective member, that person, upon payment of the admission fee, as prescribed in these bylaws, shall be considered elected to membership. If any such objection has been filed with the Board, it shall be considered at the Board’s next regular meeting. If approved, in spite of the objection, the proposed member, upon payment of the admission fee, shall be considered elected to membership.

f) Following the election, the President shall arrange for induction of the new member; the Club Secretary shall report the new member to RI; and the Membership Director shall furnish appropriate articles for presentation at the induction.