By-Laws – Revised/Approved January 2018

Article IV


Section 1 – Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the Club shall be held at the second regular meeting in December of each year, at which time the election of Officers and Directors to serve for the ensuing year shall take place.

Section 2 – Weekly Meeting

Regular meetings of the Club shall be held on Friday at 12:10 p.m. Due notice of any changes in or cancellation of a regular meeting shall be given to all members. All Active members (excepting those excused by the Board of Directors of this Club, pursuant to Article 9 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution) in good standing in the Club on the day of the regular meeting, must be counted as present or absent, and attendance must be evidenced by the member’s being present for at least sixty (60) percent of the time devoted to the regular meeting, either at this Club or at any other Rotary Club, or as otherwise provided in Article 9 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. There shall be no fewer than two Regular Meetings per month.

Section 3 – Quorum

One-third of the membership shall constitute a quorum at the annual and regular meetings of the Club.

Section 4 – Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board shall be held once each month as set by the Board of Directors. Special meetings of the Board shall be called by the President, whenever deemed necessary, or upon request of two members of the Board, due notice having been given.

Section 5 – Board Quorum

A majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum of the Board.