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August 12, 2022: Tucson’s Place in Space

Stephen Fleming trained as a physicist, and spent 15 years in operations roles at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Nortel Networks, and a venture-funded startup. He has 25 years of experience as a technology-focused venture capitalist and angel investor. Stephen moved to Tucson in 2017 to develop the University of Arizona’s engagement with the private sector, where [...]

July 22, 2022: Reid Park Zoo Master Plan

Nancy Kluge leads Reid Park Zoological Society, where she has served since 2009. As President and CEO, Nancy guides Reid Park Zoo in its mission to ‘create inspiring memories for all by connecting people and animals to ensure the protection of wild animals and wild places’. The City of Tucson-owned Reid Park Zoo is the [...]

June 17, 2022: Prague: My Long Journey Home

Charles Ota Heller's career has consisted of six phases: student athlete, engineer, educator, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and writer. He is the author of five memoirs: the award-winning Prague: My Long Journey Home; Dlouha cesta domu (in Czech); Name-Droppings: Close Encounters with the Famous and Near-Famous; Ready, Fire, Aim! An Immigrant's Tales of Entrepreneurial Terror; and [...]

June 10, 2022: Protecting Investors from Fraud

Terri Alexon serves as the Investor Education Coordinator for the Arizona Corporation Commission's Securities Division. She is a two-time graduate of Arizona State University with degrees in business and communication. Since joining the Commission is August of 2002, Terri has been actively making statewide presentations on wise investing and fraud prevention. She has served on [...]

June 3, 2022: Refugee Youth Mentorship Program

Nadine Hanson joined Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest as the Community Engagement Coordinator at the end of 2020. Her thirty-year career has been solely focused on non-profit work in our community. Nadine raises funds and creates awareness for the causes dear to her heart. She loves to travel, read inspirational memoirs, and enjoys spending [...]

May 20, 2022: Patronato San Xavier

Kimberly Ely is Patronato San Xavier’s Development Director. She'll outline Patronato’s role as the non-sectarian, non-profit charged with raising and directing funding to conserve the fragile art and architecture of Mission San Xavier del Bac. The mission is one of the most culturally significant at-risk sites in the world. Kimberly joined Patronato San Xavier in [...]

May 13, 2022: Medical Respite Center

Joseph Leisz joined Catholic Community Services in Tucson as their Development Director in January, 2022. Prior to that, he raised money for Kansas State University’s College of Agriculture, the Catholic Student Center at Iowa State University, and Iowa’s 4-H Foundation. A University of Arizona alumnus, he’s happy to be back in the Old Pueblo, where [...]

May 6, 2022: A Look at a Cambodian Refugee Camp

At the end of 2020 there were 82.4 million people worldwide forcibly displaced. The reasons: persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violation, or events disturbing public order. Today, in Ukraine, Central America, Yemen, and many other countries, we continue to see a world where people are fleeing. In 1984, Catalina Rotarian and nurse Dorice Beren, and [...]

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