The following persons have bequeathed at least $1,000 to the Permanent Fund of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. For information on how to become a Benefactor, please contact Foundation Chair Al Chesser.

Allen, Carol M.
Andersen, Kai
Beal, Jr., John P.
Chesser, Alan M. BS1
Chesser, Sharyn V. BS1
Craig, Monwilla F.
Derickson, Jeffrey C.
Goodsite, Ronald A. BS1
Harris, Timothy S.
Kiernan, Barbara J.
Kittle, Thomas
Mindes, Irving BS3
Mindes, Terry BS3
Nordensson, Jeffrey Alan
Presson III, Frank C. BS1
Presson, Jackie L. BS1
Radcliff, Roger
Radcliff, Suzanne
Ramert, Kathleen Nell BS2
Rebenstorf, Jr., Norman E. BS1
Rebenstorf, Mary Rebecca BS1
Reed, Carolyn
Reed, Kirk
Rundle Smith, Lisa
Schumann, Jack W.
Schumann, Karola
Spear, Anthony