Every member shares in the responsibility of seeking qualified persons for membership in the Club. By striving to fill “open” classifications, a club member can help to achieve a full representation of the business and professional community. Here is the basic procedure by which a candidate is proposed for and elected to membership in Catalina Rotary:

> The Candidate’s name is submitted to the Club Secretary.

> The Board, upon recommendation of the club’s Classification and Membership committees, receives the proposal and, if approved, the sponsoring member is notified by the Club Secretary. (NOTE: Until this approval is granted, the prospect should not be informed that (s)he has been proposed.)

> The proposer and members of the Rotary Information Committee inform the prospective member of privileges and responsibilities of Rotary Club membership and secure permission to publish the candidate’s name and proposed classification to the general membership.

> The prospect’s name and classification are presented to the general membership. If no objection is received by the Secretary within ten days, he/she is invited to apply for membership.

> Upon completion of the application card and payment of the admission fee, the candidate is granted membership and his/her name is reported to the General Secretary of Rotary International.