The Catalina (Tucson) Rotary Club is 75 years old in 2023. When Rotary International allowed larger cities to have multiple clubs, we were the first one to receive a charter. This was 1948, making Catalina Rotary the first “second club” in Rotary. That also makes us the first second club to celebrate a 75th anniversary! For 75 years, the men and women of Catalina Rotary have devoted thousands of hours and well over a million dollars to improving our community. Our club motto now is “Changing the lives of young people in need.” From pancake breakfasts to serving beer at the Rodeo. From road and river cleanups, to working with children at the boys and girls clubs of Tucson. We have built parks and planted trees. We have gathered food and served dinners. Our members have traveled to Peru and Mexico and Africa and beyond to help those in need. We have sent Shelter Boxes to those ravaged by storms here and abroad, and we have participated in polio inoculation trips. We are the home of twelve district governors of Rotary, with another one on the way.

This week, Past District Governor (2002-2003) Al Chesser will talk about our 75 years of service to the community. He may touch on the people and places and things we have done. He may talk about someone you know. He’ll be joined by our own “mystic from the east,” The Great Darnak, who has not visited the Catalina Club in many years.

Some pics from our Jan 20 meeting.