Katie Frazee approached human health from the inside out. She analyzed skeletal remains while obtaining an MS in Biological and Forensic Anthropology. Her National Institute of Justice research helped identify modern trends in pediatric growth and development. After severely fracturing multiple bones and investigating more regenerative mechanisms of the body, Katie became a Licensed Massage Therapist. She holds various Healing Arts certifications in support of mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual resilience. Katie recognized the value of human touch on everything from our cells to our society, so she aligned her volunteerism with organizations exploring healing and innovative systems improvement. Katie quickly became dedicated to the pioneering work of the non-profit Integrative Touch. She is now the Program Director devoting much time to TeleFriend Program within the organization’s TeleWellness offering. Katie truly enjoys designing and delivering team based, family wellness services that “meet suffering with love” in pediatric hospital, community, and home settings.

Some pics from our Jan 13 meeting.