Ethan Hoover’s love and passion for the arts stretches most of his life. His journey with theatre started as an actor on the stage while slowly transitioning to behind-the-scenes work. Ethan found value in all the possibilities of working in the theatre while seeking to spread the art to all the pockets of Arizona. After shifting his focus to arts leadership and management, Ethan works to help build theatres for the next generation of patrons. Creating sustainable pathways for theatres to grow and thrive in the community is a focus for Ethan. As he grows in the industry, Ethan hopes to run a theatre one day and become a professor at the collegiate level. Ethan currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona where he has a fiancée and three wonderful cats. On his off time, he enjoys the outdoors and various sports. Ethan hopes to see you at the theatre one day and thanks you for supporting the arts.

Some pics from our September 16 meeting.