Local Non-profit Groups receive $22,000 in Community Grants courtesy of Catalina Rotary Club Tucson

Whatever reason people come to a Rotary Club meeting, they always see some manifestation of Arch Klumpf’s 1917 vision for the Rotary Foundation – “To do good in the world!” That sentiment was highlighted in our own Catalina Rotary Club’s meeting of July 15, 2022.

A year’s worth of good work and fundraising were highlighted by Community Service Grants of over $22,000 to five Tucson nonprofit organizations. These grants promise to not only “do good in the world,” but also meet Catalina Rotary’s stated mission of Changing The Lives of Young People in Need.

Hundreds of hours of volunteer work by club members, family and friends had many rewards, not the least of which were the cash donations that went directly to the good work of our Community Partners.

Catalina Rotary’s board of directors selected the grant recipients. Each application was sponsored by a Catalina Rotary member who is involved in the organization and provided details of how the grant would be used.

The five recipients and their Club sponsors are:

• Tucson Youth Music Center (Sharyn Chesser)
• Live Theatre Workshop (Jimmy Munozcano):
• Youth On Their Own (Tony Spear)
• More Than A Bed (Jeff Hamstra)
• Tucson International Mariachi Conference (Maria Elena McElroy)

We will be posting profiles of each of these five organizations in the future so our members and visitors can get a more detailed introduction to their work and their contributions to the community. For now, join us in congratulating each of them for continuing “to do good in the world!”

Dana Weir, Tucson Youth Music Center

Bethany Neumann, Youth On Their Own, with Past Catalina Rotary Club President, Jimmy Munozcano

Michael Martinez, Live Theatre Workshop, with Past Catalina Rotary Club President, Jimmy Munozcano

Past Catalina Rotary Club President, Jimmy Munozcano, with Grace Stocksdale, More Than A Bed

Alphonso Dancil, Tucson International Mariachi Festival, with Past Catalina Rotary Club President, Jimmy Munozcano