Monthly Archives: March 2022

April 1, 2022: ShelterBox & the Ukraine Crisis

In addition to the emergency response for Ukraine, ShelterBox is currently responding to ten humanitarian crises worldwide by bringing shelter, warmth, and dignity to people made homeless by natural or other disasters. Don Jorgensen highlights current deployments, including the Ukraine assessment and response process. He'll also discuss how ShelterBox has adapted its materials and activities [...]

March 18, 2022: Accessible Theatre Education

Arts and creativity strengthen our community. They drive economic, social, and educational activities with great efficiency. Michael Martinez highlights his experiences as an artist and arts administrator working to make theatre and theatre education accessible to a wider and more diverse audience. He'll pepper his presentation with great behind the scenes stories, as well as [...]

March 11, 2022: WW II Perspectives Part III

Mike Margolis returns to continue his series of presentations about WWII history. Mike has a keen interest in studying the history of World War II. In addition to his extensive research, he has a passion for restoring WWII vehicles. Mike will share his perspectives on WWII history. Some pics from our March 11 hybrid [...]

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