B. J. Cordova is a Financial Advisor. He’s been with Equitable Advisors LLC for the past three years. His advising practice focuses on wealth accumulation, distribution and transfer phases of personal life. This includes tax efficiency strategies for retirement and estate planning needs, along with nonprofit and business financial strategies. B. J. also advises clients on education savings and investment strategies for environmental and socially consciousness goals.

Before joining Equitable Advisors, B. J. had worked for 16 years with Tucson Clean & Beautiful. He served as a program director for environmental and community volunteer program efforts, fundraising, and organization operations. He was also Executive Director for another nonprofit for a brief period.

B. J. moved to Tucson in 1997 to attend the University of Arizona, where he studied Environmental Science and Spanish. He met his wife Hanna while at the U of A. They had two children of their own, Nicholas and Matthew. B. J. and Hanna then became foster parents, eventually adopting three children (Julian, Penny, and Travis) from an extended family.

B. J. grew up in central Phoenix where his parents owned a tire store. In Rotary, he was part of the Group Study Exchange trip to South Africa in 2009. He joined the Tucson Sunset Club in 2010 and served as president in 2014-2015. MBA pursuits led him to move to the Tucson Sunrise club. In 2019, family commitments and work nearby at Broadway and Rosemont led him to continue his Rotary journey at the Catalina Rotary Club.

Some pics from our January 21 hybrid meeting.