President Bob applied the gavel and led the pledge. Dorice Beren delivered the invocation.

Announcements included a heads-up on member Dick S, whose health issues placed him at St Joseph’s Hospital with rehab to follow.

Al’s wife Maria Anzaldua was our only guest. Thirty-four Rotarians attended.

Queen of Hearts

Bob DeLaney facilitated the Queen of Hearts, with Maria Elena McElroy drawing the Jack of Clubs.


Past President Pat Egbert distributed the ballots for our annual election. The final results reflected the ballot.

Sergeant at Arms

Phil Four-Way surprised us with a Maltese Bippy Quiz… whatever a bippy is??


Capt. Mark Flanigan, Rotary Peace Fellow alumni, educated the members on Peace Fellows program and its application. RI chooses approx. one hundred fellows each year spread around specific universities in Australia, Japan, England, Thailand, United States.

Mark ‘s resume is impressive: veteran, US Gov. Civil Service, two Rotary Peace Fellowships (three months and the two-year master’s degree). Mark seems to have followed his mother’s example (Peace Corp service). He divided his time between Japan (academic) and Thailand (practical application).

He is currently volunteering with AmeriCorps / VISTA at Imago Dei Middle School in town. Imago Dei, a private school associated with the Episcopal Church, enrolls children in poverty with tuition underwritten. Theresa Fichter also an AmeriCorps VISTA worker shared how peace initiatives are practiced at the 5th–8th grade school.