President Bob Grady opened the meeting right on time (12:10) and noted that Fridays at Catalina Rotary were definitely the best place to be!

After the pledge, Paul Bennett offered the invocation.

Guests in attendance: No guests this week, but lots of familiar faces coming back from vacations.


President Bob reminded us that meeting assignments were on the table and that a Happy Hour would be held this coming Thursday, September 27th at Fini’s Landing, 5689 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718. This will be a no-host happy hour with fellowship as its goal. Check your email for time!

Barbara Kiernan then announced that it was time to begin our Tepehua Tuition Drive for the children we sponsor in the Lake Chapala area of Jalisco, Mexico. This will be the 6th year we support these children who live in poverty and would not be able to go to school without us. Thanks to everyone’s help, more than 90% are still going to school. We started when they were in preschool and now they are going into the 5th grade. That is a real accomplishment as the average grade that most children living in poverty achieve is the 3rd grade. Thanks to everyone who signed up on the table sheet. Remember $40 sponsors a child for a year! We’re aiming to continue our sponsorship for 50 children.

DG Kirk Reid reminded us also of the awesome District Conference that awaits us at the end of the month (September 28 and 29). President Teddy Roosevelt will be there to share his stories, hospitality houses from each club will offer free dinner and happy hour treats, and breakout sessions, exhibits, and plenary speakers will be amazing. Be sure to join the fun!

Finally, Immediate Past President, Pat Egbert, announced that we would have a Gaslight Theatre fellowship evening with a holiday show on Wednesday, Nov. 28th, at 7:00. Be sure to Save-the-Date!

Member Minute

Bringing back a Catalina Rotary Tradition, Frank Presson came to the podium to share a bit of his life and experience! His first job was in a movie theater (no holidays; dime tips). Later, he graduated from American University in D.C., joined RCA where he worked on computers, IT, sales, and management. After retiring, Frank went back to school to become a financial planner. Now, he has retired again and is on sabbatical to see what he would do next! Rotary has become a major focus, however, as he was president of Catalina R.C. in 2003 and District Governor of D5500 in 2015-16. In his year as DG, the District raised more money for Rotary causes than it had in a long time! Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance, Frank!

Queen of Hearts

Jo Anne Westerman announced that there was $1,312 in the Queen’s treasury, with $659 up for grabs today. DG Kirk drew the “winning” number, Pat Egbert got the draw, but no cigar! The pot rolls over. Thanks Pat!


SAA Phil Four-Way (AKA Steve Pender) then sleuthed into the room with his now familiar music. After regaling us a bit with his (in)famous Jersey accent, he set about raising $$$ (simoleons) for the club. Bob De Laney donned the side-kick cap and passed the can. Phil started with the “lower-hanging fruit” by appealing to pre-placed “snitches” at each table. Lots of simoleons flowing now. Al and Sharyn Chesser also went a leg up as they remembered 9-11. So did Jo Anne Westerman who remembered that 9-11 was also her anniversary – with husband on plane bound for NYC. Finally, Phil bade us adieu with his famous parting lines as he exited stage right! Cheers!

Today’s Speaker

Matt Matthewson introduced our speaker, Daniel R. Quintanar, a former colleague at the Water Department. Mr. Quintanar serves as the Chair of the new Pima County Dispose-A-Med Partnership, and also has a full-time job as a Project Manager in the Director’s Office of the City of Tucson Water Department. Dan has more than 20 years’ experience conducting environmental, chemical and microbiological analyses of surface water, groundwater, recycled wastewater and drinking water. He oversees the utility’s innovative research programs, coordinates the emergency response training program, and spearheads new technology applications to improve water quality monitoring, security, customer service, education, and outreach. Dan is also liaison to the USEPA’s Water Laboratory Alliance for the State of Arizona, and he is a member of the Arizona Water Association’s Research Committee and the Arizona Water Agency Response Network. His focus today was on the safe disposal of medicine so that it does not contaminate our water system. He asked: Do you know where your meds are? Are they safe, inaccessible by children or thieves? How will you dispose of them when you don’t need them any longer? Down the toilet, to the landfill, into a fire? Could they contribute to our nation’s opioid crisis? He urged all of us to be vigilant and use the Dispose-A-Med Program. To find out more, visit

President Bob adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.