Dr. George Davis shared the geologic wonders of The Colorado Plateau with us today. We also are gearing up for our annual Beer Sales Fundraisers and upcoming Tree Planting project.

Greeter: Bob DeLaney

Bob DeLaney welcomes members and guests to Catalina Rotary

“Welcome to Catalina Rotary”

Brought to order: Pres Pat @ 12:14pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Invocation: Paul Bennett

Introduction of Visitors and Guests: Bob DeLaney
  • PDG Michael Drake
  • Candy Egbert
  • Johanna Stein
  • PDG Pam Kerr
  • Connie Grady
  • Rtn. Jack Damon – Chemical Products
  • Rtn. Michael Tanenbaum; Wilsonville, OR RC – Education
  • Bill McGibbon – Green Valley RC
  • Merle Anderson – Eldridge, IA
  • Rodeo – Pres. Pat: Pick up assignment envelopes, confirm dates, etc., dress warmly … and show up! Tips will be donated to Integrated Touch for Kids (ITK) at Diamond’s Children’s Hospital. Bob Grady: All slots are full now, but more can be added.
  • Tree Planting -Pres. Pat: Apr. 28th … about 50 trees … will collaborate with other Clubs.
  • Community Service Grants – Community Service Grant Application forms are available on the Club website. Submission deadline is March 16, 2018
  • Former member, John Bolm – Irv Mindes: Funeral has been set for Sat, Feb 24th at the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church @ 830 N. 1st Ave.
Queen of Hearts

$43 in the pot … $21.50 would go to a winner today. Al Chesser drew the 10♣ … Not good enough!

Sgt @ Arms: Andy Kerr
  • Birthdays: Bob Stofft and Jack Damon (visitor)
  • Happy Buck: Michael Drake – 35th anniv of the Tucson Sunset RC
  • Members born in the Year of the Dog … ever, paid in a buck, since the Year of the Dog starts today.
  • Sgt @ Arms Trivia about the Chinese New Year followed.
Speaker – Dr. George Davis; “The Colorado Plateau”
Dr. George Davis presents to Catalina Rotary

Dr. George Davis shares the wonders of The Colorado Plateau

Introduction: Pres Pat

Speaker opened with his recollection of headlines when Dr. Jonas Salk created a polio vaccine. He was a paper carrier at the time.

Reportedly, Geologists love the exposure of rocks on the Colorado Plateau. Geologic history is more apparent when overburden is minimal. Dr. Davis talked about some of the hazards in the area. First, it is very dry in most areas. Rock slides are also common. In 1992, the Springdale Slide leveled many buildings.

The Plateau is also home to many parks and monuments … Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Grand Canyon NP, Ceder Breaks NM and Kodachrome Basin SP, to name a few. Spectacular features such as Table Cliffs, Russell Point and Sinking Ship dot the landscape.

Meeting Adjourned: 1:35pm

Scribe: Al Chesser

Additional Photos from today:

Carol and Michael check in visitors and guests