Today’s meeting featured an exciting opportunity for Catalina Rotarians to help bring community-based, sustainable healthcare services to people living in underserved, rural areas of northern Mexico. Our own Barbara Kiernan was our featured presenter. We also started planning our annual Beer Sales events, Strategic Planning sessions and had great fun sharing some Happy Bucks over various personal good fortunes, several of which were very weather related!

President Pat called the meeting to order and following the Pledge of Allegiance, M Craig gave the Invocation.


PDG Frank Presson served as greeter and introduced guest. District representatives present included PDG Michael Drake who also serves as the District Rotary Foundation Chair, Ray Naylor and PDG Teree Bergman who is also District trainer. M Craig introduced her guest Carol Carpenter and we welcomed visiting Rotarian Louise McNeeley from Mississauga, Ontario.

President’s Announcements:
  • President Pat circulated a thank you plaque from Habitat for Humanity and the family now living in the home we helped build in the spring of 2017 and a thank you note from the Tepehua Community for “helping the kids in the Barrio be all that they hope to be.”
  • Members where reminded to sign up for the Beer Booth sales at the rodeo.
  • The tree planting date will not occur in January but will be rescheduled by the city for a later date.
  • The board will be meeting on January 18 at Contigo at 6 PM. Any interested members may also attend.
  • All members are invited to help determine the future of our club by participating in the Strategic Planning session on Saturday, January 27 at 8:30 – 11:30am. Location:TBD
Queen of Hearts:

Andy announced that a winner today would receive $637 which would go a long way to help pay those holiday expenses. PDG Michael Drake had the winning ticket but picked the joker which paid $25. Mike donated the $25 to the CRC Foundation.

Sergeant at Arms:

It was a busy day for SAA Irv who began by giving a leg up ($100) for his birthday.   An additional 14 folks shared special moments or thoughts and contributed Happy Bucks.

Steve P(new carpet), Pat Dwyer(thankful not in Conn.), Olivier (became 1st time grandpa), Pat E.(leg up in honor of 51st Anniv.), Andy (performance of Big 10 teams in Bowls), Tony S.(accolades to Purdue), Maria Elena (husband doing well after knee replacement), Dorice (Degree achievements of both daughters), Guest Louise McNeely (spending two weeks with the Goodsites and not home in Canada). Others sharing their happiness were Frank P, Paul B, Bob, D. Pete W. and PDG Michael D.


DGE Kirk Reed introduced Barbara Kiernan, a member of our Club for 17 yrs.

Barbara Kiernan

She retired from UA last year and provided the leadership in establishing our long and strong relationship with the Rotary Club and people of Ajijic.

Barbara shared an update of the well received presentation she made entitled A Global Grant Proposal; “ Improving Rural Healthcare – Help for Today; Model for Tomorrow at the USA/Mexico Friendship Conference held October 2017 in Phoenix.

Grant Goal: Use “Rural Empowerment” Strategies to provide sustainable and accessible healthcare to underserved, marginalized communities in remote areas of northern Mexico. It addresses Disease Prevention & Treatment, one of the six Rotary Areas of Focus.

The rural communities to be served are Mesa Colorada, Los Estrados/San Juan, Mochibampo, Burapaco and Colonia Makurawe. These communities face many barriers such as distance from clinics and hospital care and lack of transportation, yet they and the areas around them have amazing assets such as sustainable resources, partners and collaborations. Plus, Rotary is huge in Sonora.

Barbara presented the Grant Objectives and introduced us to a new term, Rural Empowerment Zones (REZ). The objectives are 1) Create& equip the REZ in each community, 2) Provide professional and vocational field training, 3) Provide training for community members and 4) Develop a cost effective and sustainable communications system i.e. Telemedicine.

Barbara briefs Catalina Rotary on details of a proposed healthcare project

Costs of the project is estimated at $140,000 and the length of term is October 2018 – September 2020. The host club is the Rotary Club de Navojoa, Sonora, MX, District 4100. Our Club would serve as the International Club. Assuming the support of TRF and the District, clubs will need to raise approximately $45K.

President Pat closed by thanking all who helped make this another good meeting.






Scribe: Anita McDonald

Photos: Olivier Fahrni

A full house of members and guests learns about Catalina Rotary’s latest Global Grant opportunity