A holiday party, an evening with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Fox Theatre of Tucson, an auction for Wildcat Basketball tickets and a presentation from Tucson Clean and Beautiful were among the meeting highlights this week.

President Pat Egbert opened the meeting right on time (12:10) and Phyllis James offered the invocation.

Guests in attendance:

JoAnn Westerman greets attendees

Jo Anne Westerman introduced our guest: Anne Huber, D 5500 Assistant Governor for our club.


President Pat reminded the club that the Holiday Party would be next Friday, December 15th. A show of hands indicated that we would have many guests in our midst.

The last event of the year will be on Thursday, December 21st, at the Fox Theater. Steve Pender has gotten us specially priced tickets for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – a “blusey, swing, boogie, jazz group that will surely make for a fun holiday concert. Steve still has a few tickets are left so contact him if you are interested.

Queen of Hearts:

After several people thought they had won (999 was the ticket), it was finally determined that Werner Kruesi had

Werner draws for QOH, but gets an 8

the real one – but NOT the Queen! So, the pot rolls over again.

Sergeant At Arms (SAA):

SAA Bob Stofft showered the meeting with little known pieces of information to which most of us plead ignorance. At the end, Irv Mindes, recruited as the best person to raffle off some U of A basketball tickets for Saturday’s Alabama vs UA game, came up with a winning offer from Pat Egbert. Since it was a “Stripe Out” game, everyone in the raffled section has to wear white. Go Cats!

Today’s Speaker:

Guest Speaker BJ Cordova

Jeff Hamstra introduced B.J. Cordova, Director of Membership and Communication for Tucson Clean & Beautiful. B.J. is also a Rotarian in the Sunrise club. His focus today was on Sustainability and how that concept of successful continuity plays out in the real world. Says B.J., this term is applicable not just to the environment, but to the social, health, and wellbeing of the community as well. The mission of Tucson Clean and Beautiful, a nonprofit began in 1984, is to improve the environment and quality of life in Pima County. Of its many projects, planting trees is a very successful way of doing just that. And, this year, the President of Rotary International, Ian Riseley, has requested that each Rotarian plant at least one tree in their part of the world. That would be 1.2 million more trees. Catalina Rotary will do its part this coming year as we plant over 65 trees in the community. B.J. offered us some suggestions as to where we might want to plant them. You can learn more about projects and volunteer opportunities at Tucson Clean & Beautiful by visiting https://tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org.

President Pat adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM. See you next week at the Holiday Party.

Photos from the meeting:

IMG 5022a
JoAnn greets attendees
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