The Catalina Rotary Club continuously raises funds to meet local community needs in three focus areas: Veterans, Youth, and Healthcare.   Each year $20K to $30K is awarded with the intent that positive change will occur.

Projects funded in 2014-2015

Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation to support program funding and textbooks  ($5,000)

Vail Preservation Society, to build and create a kitchen garden ($5,000)


Southern Arizona Children’s Advocacy Center to provide training on a new financial management tool ($2,000)

Tucson International Mariachi Conference  to provide scholarships for three students to participate in workshops during their annual Conference ($5,000)


Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson to support the “Help a Kid Program” ($5,800)


Projects funded in 2013-2014

St. Elizabeth’s Health Center ($7,356)

Tepehua Centro Communitario ($4,000)

Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson ($5,000)

UA Child Language Center  ($5,000)

Old Pueblo Community Service  ($6,000)


Other Major Projects

The Jacobs Park Pool  ($25,000 in 2010-2011)


The Refugee Project  ($5,500 in 2011-2012)

Stories that Soar, Our Family Services    (VAN in 20??)

Malagro Park