Article VII


Section 1 – General Provisions.

(a) Each member shall be classified in accordance with the member’s business or profession. The classification shall be that which describes the principal and recognized activity of the firm, company, or institution with which the member is connected or that which describes the member’s principal and recognized business or professional activity.

(b) Correction or Adjustment. If the circumstances warrant, the board may correct or adjust the classification of any member. Notice of a proposed correction or adjustment shall be provided to the member and the member shall be allowed a hearing thereon.

Section 2 – Limitations.

This club shall not elect a person to active membership from a classification if the club already has five or more members from that classification, unless the club has more than 50 members, in which case, the club may elect a person to active membership in a classification so long as it will not result in the classification making up more than 10 percent of the club’s active membership. Members who are retired shall not be included in the total number of members from a classification. If a member changes classification, the club may continue the member’s membership under the new classification notwithstanding these limitations.

*Interim Provision Relating to Section 2 – Notwithstanding the provisions of article VII, section 2, no one who was a member of a Rotary club as of 1 July 2001 shall lose membership by reason of enactment 01-148 adopted by the 2001 Council on Legislation. (See footnote for Interim Provision to article VI, section 2 of this constitution.)