V – Fees, Dues and Expenses

//V – Fees, Dues and Expenses
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Article V

Fees, Dues and Expenses

Section 1 – Admission Fee

The admission fee shall be set by the Board, a portion of which will be applied to establish an account in the incoming member’s name with The Rotary Foundation.

Section 2 – Dues

(a) Quarterly Dues

The Board shall set the quarterly membership dues, payable on the first day of January, April, July and October.  This amount shall include International and District dues, a fair share of Club operating costs, the cost of meals at the regular weekly meetings and the member’s subscription to The Rotarian Magazine.  Membership dues are subject to change as conditions warrant.

(b) Non-Payment of Dues

Any member failing to pay dues within thirty (30) days of an invoice date shall be notified in writing by the Secretary at the member’s last known address.  If the dues are not paid on or before ten (10) days from the date of notification, membership will terminate, subject to the discretion of the Board.  The Board may reinstate the former member upon the former member’s petition and payment of all indebtedness to the Club.

Section 3 – Attendance Exemptions

Members who qualify for attendance exemption are responsible to the Club as follows:

(a) One quarter of the regular dues, as defined in Sect 2(a), less the cost of meals (May be paid annually.)

(b) Whenever these members attend a regular meeting of this Club, they must pay the same meal costs as any visiting Rotarian or guest.

Section 4 – Authorized Expenses

The club will reimburse:

(a) The expense of registration and lodging for the President and Secretary at the District Conference, if requested, in compliance with District Bylaws.

(b) The expense of registration for any member who attends one or more meetings at the District Conference and/or District Assembly, if said registration is not already a part of the District dues.  Such reimbursement shall not be applicable to registration expenses paid by District 5500 for the President-Elect at the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS).

(c) The cost of one room night, which may be divided between the Secretary-Elect and the Treasurer-Elect, as they see fit.  Also, the cost of registration for the Secretary-Elect and Treasurer-Elect for the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS).

Section 5 – Dues/Meals Waiver

(a) In recognition and appreciation of their valued effort for Rotary, Club dues will be waived during their year of service for the President, Secretary, and Treasurer  and also the District Governor when a member of this Club.

(b) Both the District Governor and Assistant Governor assigned to our Club – when not a member of our Club – shall be a guest without meal charge at meetings and other Club events during their year of service.

Section 6 – President-Elect Expenses


The Club will pay the expenses of the President-Elect and spouse to attend the International Convention as follows:

(a) Cost of Registrations

(b) Transportation by air at the most economical cost (coach fare), or ground or rail transport not to exceed the cost of air travel, direct from Tucson to the site of the International Convention, and return.

(c) Ground transportation to the airport in Tucson if local shuttle service is used, or the cost of storing personal automobile during the days of the Convention (not to exceed 7 days).

(d) Shuttle service by the most economical means in Convention city to and from the transportation terminal (airport, depot, etc.) and the hotel.

(b)Total room cost, to include up to 2 nights on the road each way @ $100/night or less if ground transport is used and 5 days at the Convention city.

(f) Tickets for special Rotary-organized events during the Convention except sightseeing.

(g) All meals.

(h) Maximum allowance: $5,000.00.  The Board may adjust this amount.

(i) Documentation and Advances

(a) Complete expense report (with receipts) must be filed with the Treasurer of this Club within two weeks after returning from the Convention.

(b) The President-Elect may file an estimate of costs with Treasurer prior to leaving for the Convention.  An advance will be made upon request if needed.


The Club will pay the expense of printing 100 personalized letterheads and envelopes; however, the President-Elect is encouraged to use a computer-generated letterhead if possible.

Section 7 – New Prospects

To encourage new membership, the Club will waive meal charges of a prospective member who attends as the guest of an Active Member.  Meal cost waives shall not exceed 2 per prospective member.  It is the responsibility of the Active Member to inform the Secretary about the guest to avoid being charged.